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40+ Persuasive Speech Topics for a School Competitione

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Are you concerned about the topics of your persuasive speech as well? If you have a general idea of what you want to write about. As a result, choose a topic relevant to your interests to communicate your opinions properly.
We've compiled a list of persuasive speech topics for your school competition. It can help you choose a speech topic that will have a lasting impact on your target audience. You can also hire essay writers to create your essay for a fee.
For ideas, take a look at the following topics:
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  • Why should the wealthy be burdened with greater taxes?
  • Is it necessary for teachers to be highly compensated?
  • Why can't mental health issues be used as an excuse for mass shootings?
  • Why is it not necessary for the girls' last names to be altered after marriage?
  • Following your comfort level is more important than following the latest fashion trends. Discuss the concept.
  • Why is bragging about post-it notes considered decadent?
  • Teenagers should work part-time in addition to their scholastic interests. Talk about how it can help you.
  • Why are negative thoughts so tough and depressing to live with?
  • Action movies should not be suggested in the theatre.
  • Why shouldn't the media promote beauty standards through their films and plays?
  • Are extroverts effective motivators?
  • Inspections of foster parents' houses should be done on a regular basis. Explain.
  • Bicyclists should wear helmets at all times. Provide reasons for your decision.
  • Horoscopes are a source of conflict in people's lives. Is this a correct or improper statement?
  • What are the benefits of donating to charity for children?
  • Why do homosexuals and transgender individuals attend separate colleges?
  • Why can't you buy happiness with money?
  • Testing is considerably inferior to academic writing. What is the advantage of doing so?
  • Political debate should not be permitted at educational institutions.
  • Confidence is what paves the way to victory.
  • Internships should always come with a stipend. Discuss how it can help you achieve your professional goals.
  • Is it appropriate for public institutions to give students with a completely free education?
  • Should elementary school students be taught a foreign language?
  • How can we prevent cheating during class quizzes and exams in high school and middle school?
  • Is exercising a good approach to deal with weight problems?
  • Is it morally acceptable to profit from deforestation?
  • Books of striking essay writer
  • What role does the government play in providing assistance to the homeless?
  • Why should individuals be prohibited from owning violent dog breeds?
  • Is there any impact on a state's overall performance if it has a negative payment balance?
  • Is poor water quality causing problems in the healthcare industry?
  • Should scientists be allowed to make a human genetic duplicate?
  • Is it true that kids' education and grades suffer as a result of their smartphone use?
  • Why shouldn't we conduct scientific experiments on animals?
  • Is working out a good way to deal with weight issues?
  • Is profiting from deforestation morally acceptable?
  • What role does the government play in assisting homeless people?
  • Why should it be illegal for anyone to own violent weapons?
  • What are the advantages of donating to a children's charity?
  • Why do homosexuals and transgender people go to different colleges?
  • Why is it that money can't purchase happiness?
  • Testing is a poor substitute for academic writing. What are the benefits of doing so?
  • The discussion of politics should not be allowed in school settings. What is the rationale for this?
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